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Eastern Weighing Systems provides an excellent automation software “Weigh Plus” to automate the weighing process. Considering that various industries and organizations have varying requirements of MIS Reporting and Tracking, Weigh Plus is fully customizable to suit different needs. Weigh Plus has been developed to ensure ease of use for personnel at all levels. The software ensures that the processing of weighing operations is faster and hence prevents long queues and delays at the weighbridges. The greatest advantage with Weigh Plus is, it eliminates scope of manipulation at the weighbridges, a viral issue.  A regular back up and restore facility ensures that data is safe and can be backed up on external storage device for migration. An excellent team of installation and service personnel enable effective implementation and in-depth user training. We provide telephonic, email and on-site support. Weigh Plus is a scalable model and hence value addition in terms of enhancements can be taken up at any time.

| Features
Weigh Plus is a S/W that is designed for weighing systems.
It reads the weight (both Gross Weight and Tare Weight) automatically from the com port to which your weighing machine is connected and also automatically calculates the Net Weight.
It allows the end-user to create the database and customize the form as per their requirement.
It also allows user to generate various types of customized reports as per their requirement.
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